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1 - Empty the mind

2 - If one thinks there is a method, that thought is vain

3 - By making the mind void of thoughts, one can gain a natural meditative state

4 - With a calm mind, one is free from hesitation

5 - A quite mind opens the pathway to harmony within and without

6 - Fill the sky and the earth within as well as without

7 - This is the Buddhist's idea conveyed by the circle

8 - The Taoists say it is not one's will, but the will of nature

9 - At first while doing the exercise, one reveals each feature of the movement, but with practice the features flow into one

10 - This fluidness of movement cannot be anticipated; through practice it comes naturally

11&12 - If one wishes to learn this Internal Art (mind / intent ), then one must first learn the eight methods  

13 – This exercise maintains one's broadminded spirit

14 – The entire body is elastic (spring-like)

15 – The beginning of the internal force can be recognized by the opponent, but not its end

16 – When the exercise is mastered, one's feature and intent are unrecognized

17 – Movement to and from is not revealed

18 – Relaxing and flexing of movement are self-determined

19 – One must meet attack by being calm

20 – The body should be straight in stance

21 – The opponent sees no resistance in your stance, but this is false for you are concealed

22 – If one does not practice regularly, then do not face the enemy

23 – When in motion one is still rooted

24 – Do not overextend yourself to the opponent

25 – Judge the chance and take the opportunity

26 – One strikes with internal force before the opponent advances with strength

27 – When hardness is presented in the opponent then the opponent's strength is in the front

28 – The opponent is hard, then one is soft, leading the opponents strength to emptiness

29 – Although the opponent is busy / in a harry to attack , one stays calm awaiting him

30 – To attack or protect is according to one's decision

31 – Take the first opportunity and be quicker than the opponent

32 – Always concentrate on the situation

33 – Conceal one's force like the bow: round and ready to spring

33 – Issue your strength (attack)  like an arrow – quick and strait

35 – One should thoroughly understand the principle of yin-yang

36 – Both the yin and yang flow in and out, hard and soft, and are mutual

37 – Breathing is regular from the bottom of abdomen to the heart

38 – This cyclic up and down breathing smoothens the chi

39 – Be calm as the resting Buddhist

40 – Move as a dragon rising from hibernation

41 – This calmness appears empty but there is something within

42 – The internal force is wonderfully rewording

43 – The internal force can be suddenly concealed and suddenly expressed

44 – All breathing shall be natural

45 - Yield to heavy attack

46 – Every action is self-initiated

47 – Distribution of weight between one leg and the other is clearly distinguished

48 – The body is of both yin and yang, both empty and solid

49 – By emptying oneself, the opponent's force is lead to void

50 – If the enemy retreats, stick with quick advance

51 – The legs should be curved like a bow

52 – Advancing and retreating use force derived from kidney

53 – The arms and back should be round as if hugging

54 – Circulate your chi from inside to outside

55 & 56– Stop trivial thoughts and concentrate on your movement, as if facing a difficult enemy

57 – Your eyes move about like lightening

58 – Your spirit watches in all four directions (front, back, left, right)

59 – Your footing should be 40% to the front and 60% to the rear

60 – The hands are 30% to the front and 70% to the rear

61 – The feature of the movement is like swimming in the water

62 & 63 – Movement is light like a fairy in the clouds

64 – The idea is very great, but there is nothing; it is like a great void

65 – The idea of movement is like a fierce tiger

66 – The calmness of chi is very gentle

67 – Once the enemy is offensive, the enemy is defeated

68 – The inner strength controls the five terminals and nine joints

69 – If one wants to learn, then one must practice frequently

70 – In this way deeper progress can be made ( from the door to hall to temple with one's master)

71 – When the exercise is mastered, one's inner force can be concealed or expressed at will

72 – Focus your spirit to discover the truth

73 – This harmonious exercise combines all movement

74 – The quiet and emptiness of this exercise separates one from worldly things

75 & 76 – Remember all progress towards the truth of this exercise is very delicate, fine and subtle keep your findings closely with you

77 – The idea of movement is to seem not to move, achieving fluidness

78 – One's calmness combines with the idea

79 – Cease all thoughts and your chi will become calm naturally

80 – Quietly maintain the "great emptiness"

81 – One's basic foundation is built through this exercise

82 – In this exercise all valuable points are concealed

83 – If you ask - "Is it hard to learn?", the answer is "No it is not"

84 – It looks easy at first, but it is not easy

85 – If one's mind is made up to learn, then there will be success

86 – In this world there is nothing of real difficulty

87 – To learn, one must be sincere and determined

88 – This depends on long frequent practice and wisdom

89 – This exercise was invented by Ch'en His-I of Hwa Yu

90 – The student of Hwa Yu should practice every day; this is most important

91 – There must be concentration of spirit and idea (will)

92 – All the joints of the body move together

93 – When contact is made, the inner force comes forth at once

94 – This gives no opportunity for the opponent to escape

95 – The opponent thinks you are relaxed, but you are not relaxed (inner strength)

96 – The opponent thinks you are tight, but there is no strength

97 – Al the movement is balanced in a circular fashion

98 – The chi should be controlled to flow in and out in a spiralian circle

99 – Do not be afraid of the opponent

100 – Open and close oneself and be able to yield and stick

101 – Watch for the enemy's week point, and once discovered, attack without delay

102 – Do not revel any of your forms, do not yield even the smallest hair

103 – Maintain circles in the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip and knee and all are all combined

104 – Movement of legs and hands all work together

105 – All the joints work in combination with the geng (inner force)

106 – If this is achieved, there is no chance for the enemy to attack

107 – One's breathing is like the falling of fine cotton

108 – Therefore, your breathing can be up or down, slow or fast

109 – When this method is mastered, any attack can be met

110 – Strive for knowledge of the method, but also the wisdom (craft) of its usage

111 – Method and wisdom are joined into one

112 – Both concepts are very important; there cannot be one without the other

113 – Both hands raise up slightly

114 – Bend and stretch fluidly

115 – All turning and bending is curved

116 – The form is like a swimming dragon in play

117 – Therefore, all sides move up or down, left or right

118 – This type of exercise follows the way of yin and yang

119 – The idea is formed and the chi follows

120 – The inner force is concealed within the joints

121 – Relax your muscles and activate your blood vessels

122 – This is good for one's health

123 – When inhaling, the chi rises

124 – When exhaling, the chi sinks to the tan tien

125 – As soon as the chi rises, it is swallowed and sinks down

126 – (In the flow of chi) fire from below and water from above meet harmoniously

127 – Carefully study this inside and outside Kung-Fu

128 – The mind (heart) should be empty; the abdomen should be solid

129 – At the moment of opportunity, attack at once

130 – The beginning and end of hardness and softness are inseparable

131 – The outside and inside force are mutually interchangeable

132 – Activity and inactivity follow one's will

133 – Those that got out to learn the exercise,

134 – Do not misjudge the value of the five word song

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